About Us

Lakeside Church exists to help all people discover and fully follow Jesus. It’s as simple as that.

This has been a part of our DNA since 1989 when 40 families had a vision that church should be a place of spiritual growth and discovery not just for those who already believe, but for those who are hungering after the meaning of life and may be in a season of exploration.

Lakeside is for everyone regardless of age, socioeconomic status, and background. We recognize we’re all in different stages and seasons of life, and as the gathered church, we’re all in a process of learning and growth together.

  • We are passionate about creating environments where both faith and doubt collide.
  • We are committed to helping people find freedom from brokenness.
  • We love helping families, marriages, and relationships thrive.
  • We care deeply about physical needs as well as spiritual needs.

We fully believe that God calls all people to find a vibrant and flourishing life through Jesus, and we want to invite you into that.

Currently, we meet at two fantastic facilities in the Guelph area. Lakeside Central, our main campus, is located on the outskirts of the city by Guelph Lake. You can watch the Sunday morning gathering live from the theatre-style seating in our main auditorium or via video from the Café down the hall.

For those who love downtown, have accessibility concerns, or love a non-traditional church in a traditional environment, you may want to check out Lakeside Downtown.

We’re really glad you found your way here. We’d love to meet you!