Great interest in the Teaching Pastor position

Almost daily the Pastor Search Team receives new applications for the Teaching Pastor position.  So far, 22 applications have been received.  In those 22 applicants we see a huge variety of backgrounds, experience, age, and ministry approach.  Applications arrive by email and each member of the Pastor Search Team sees the resume and cover letter.  We acknowledge each incoming application, and let the person know we will be back in touch after the January 9, 2018 close of applications if we wish to begin further dialogue.

Because most pastors archive their preaching online, members of the search team can spend time listening to messages.  This helps narrow the field as we determine who might fit at Lakeside.

The search team is using an instant messaging tool called Slack in which we engage each other in ongoing dialogue throughout the week about different candidates or concerns.  Slack helps us keep all of our discussion in one place, and eliminates the need for dozens of “reply-all” emails!  You might want to check out and see if it is a tool that would help your team!

In addition to applicants contacting us with their resume, we are actively networking across the country to learn “who is out there” on the recommendation of others.  Please pray your search team as we seek to know God’s direction about the Teaching Pastor.

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