Massive Engagement from Congregation as Search Begins…

Hi everyone. On behalf of the Lakeside Pastor Search Team, welcome to the place where you’ll find updates on the search for Lakeside’s new teaching pastor. You can expect to find updates about once a week so please check in often to see what’s new.

The team has met three times since it was commissioned, most recently on November 6, 2017. During the first two meetings the team developed the job profile for the teaching pastor. We’ll be sharing that job profile with you soon, so that you can, in turn, share it with others in your circles. Perhaps someone in your circle knows someone, who knows someone….

The most recent meeting of the team was devoted to prayer, seeking God’s wisdom for the various search tasks, and seeking God’s blessing on our church.

Imagine this, right now, there is someone out there that is beginning to sense that God has a new next step for them. They don’t know it, but they are going to find that next step at Lakeside. We believe that through the pastor search process, God will bring that person and Lakeside together.

Finally for this update, thank you to the more than 500 people who completed the church survey about the qualities needed in the teaching pastor. The survey is now closed and results are being tabulated. We will share those results with you soon so that you also can get a sense of where the rest of the church is at.

Jeff Groenewald, on behalf of the Pastor Search Team.

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