Introduction of Lakeside’s Teaching Pastor Candidate

In October 2017, a Pastor Search Team was selected and began the process of searching for the Lakeside Teaching Pastor. A congregational survey, a staff survey and direction from the Lakeside Elders informed the job profile. A total of 60 applications were received and each one was considered. From there, four candidates were interviewed and two were interviewed a second time. Reference checks and additional assessments were also completed.

After finalizing the search process in February and covering it in prayer for discernment of God’s will, the Pastor Search Team has unanimously chosen Marc Gagnon. This has been affirmed by the Lakeside Elders.

On March 25, Marc will preach at Lakeside Central. Following the message, everyone who is a partner of Lakeside Church will have the opportunity to affirm this selection by means of a ballot cast in person. More details about the partner affirmation process will be communicated later.

We believe that God has provided the right leader at the right time to move Lakeside Church ahead in its vision of being a community helping people to discover and fully follow Jesus.

Marc strongly matches the job profile, as well as the key markers in the church and the staff surveys. Marc possesses the following characteristics that Lakesiders placed high on the survey: He is an inspirational and gifted Bible teacher, compassionate, humble, has a heart for people far from God, and is a team player who will develop and mentor new leaders.

Along with these, Marc also exemplifies qualities that the staff noted as very important: He leads by example, inspires staff and leaders, listens and respects others’ opinions, has a good grasp of worship, and accepts criticism with grace. Marc’s passion, honesty, and love of God’s word shine. He has a vibrant relationship with Christ, a fervent prayer life, and a desire to grow in his skills and knowledge. He is excited about our vision and our culture here at Lakeside and desires to be part of what God will do in our church and in the city of Guelph.

Over the next several weeks, we will provide opportunities for you to get to know Marc and his family with videos and print pieces distributed during the Sunday services and on social media.

For now, we invite you to read Marc’s bio by clicking the button below.

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