Lakeside Church

A Prayer for Canada

In two days we mark the birth of Canada,
This spectacular dominion from Atlantic to Pacific.
This land, a refuge to so many fleeing war ravaged regions
Itself disfigured by the ravaging of our Indigenous brothers and sisters.
This land, native to so few and home to so many.
Help me as I wade into the complicated and conflicting emotions
Of celebration and lament.
Celebration for freedom, democracy, clean water, fresh air, and good food…
For some.
Lament for the atrocities of our past…
And our present.
Give me clear-eyed vision to appreciate the gift of this land,
And courage to face its deformities and work for change.
May the strength of our True North lie in our compassion and generosity;
Our freedom, a gavel for justice.
May our love for “the other” define patriot love.
May we steward this land and these freedoms with integrity.
God, keep our land glorious and free … for all.