Lakeside Church

A Prayer for When I Don’t Know What to Say

So, here I am, God,
With nothing to say.
At least nothing that I haven’t said, confessed, or pleaded for before.
Today feels like just another day, another click on the metronome.
Prayer feels repetitive, unproductive, uninspiring, dare I say, boring.
I have nothing creative or new or demanding or urgent to say.
So how do I pray?

[Sit in silence. Breathe deeply. Listen to your breath. Feel it fill your lungs. Allow your facial muscles to relax, your shoulders to un-hunch. What is your body feeling? What is your heart feeling? Joy? Dread? Fear? Sadness? Hopelessness? Excitement? Explore that/those feeling(s) – the source, the impact on you. Now share this with God]
That’s prayer.