Lakeside Church

A Prayer for When I Don’t Understand the World

Jesus, I don’t understand the world.
This week marks six months of bloodshed in Ukraine.
12 million people have fled their homes for the unknown
and countless others are dead or maimed.
For what? Where will it end?
Will there be justice?
I don’t understand.
Last night 829 million people went to bed hungry.
I threw out rotten food in my fridge.
Will there ever be enough? Why do I complain?
I don’t understand.

When there is so much to love
Why is hate so universal and violence so ordinary?
Enchanting bird songs greet me every morning
And mesmerizing sunsets kiss me goodnight.
But the vexing mosquito steals my attention.
I don’t understand.

I pray today, for eyes to see the goodness in the world.
For ears to hear the melodious laughter in the world.
For senses to taste and smell the delicacies of the world.
I pray for hope for a world you love and I don’t understand.
Above all I pray for love over understanding,
For the greatest of these is LOVE.