Lakeside Church

A Prayer for When I’m Feeling Small

God, some days, maybe today, I feel small.
Small in an unseen, unappreciated, insignificant, kind of way.
Small in my achievements, my influence, my impact, my worth.
Such a small little nut in the cogs and wheels of life, of this world.
Remind me again of why I’m here?
Remind me again of your love for me in all my smallness.
Remind me today of how You love small things;
How You choose small things to represent your way and accomplish your will.
Open my eyes to the grandeur of smallness today.
Help me to recognize you in the smile of a stranger, the laughter of a child, the splendour of a sidewalk weed, and mundane moments that are divine treasures in disguise.
I offer you all of my smallness today.