1989 – Lakeside Church begins through the sacrificial efforts of 40 families who desire a church community that is distinctly different. They want to be a church community where the key focus is sharing the life-giving message of Jesus with those who are not part of any church community. They want the presentation of the life-giving message to be creative, relevant and practical for everyone who attends. They raise the funds and build the first facility on 95 acres of land just north of the city. The first service is held in that brand new facility on Sunday, Oct. 24.

1996 – The church continues to grow, many people’s lives are impacted, and multiple services are added, but people and facility resources are taxed to the max. Growth is being constrained because of the facility, so once again people sacrifice, money is raised, and a large facility expansion is added, doubling the size of the main auditorium and adding significant space for a growing children’s ministry. As happened previously, people’s lives are impacted and additional services are added to accommodate this growth.

1998 – David Booker, the founder and senior pastor steps down from his role and a team is established to search for a new Lead Pastor.

1999 – David Ralph begins his ministry at Lakeside and God brings about growth again. Lives are impacted, new ministries are established and multiple services are again introduced. First there are two services and then three. Each time a service is added the auditorium continues to fill up, which eventually puts a strain on children’s ministry space.

2001 – A small addition is made to the children’s ministry area which includes a small auditorium and additional classroom space. The square footage of the entire facility is approximately 25,000.

2007 – Facility space begins, once again, to restrain growth in weekend services, children’s ministry and the various ministries throughout the week. People once again sacrifice, the funds are raised, a mortgage is arranged and an additional 35,000 square feet is added. This includes a 1,000-seat auditorium and the necessary space for a “multi-venue” approach to ministry which includes a cafe, a warehouse-type meeting room and a chapel.

2011 – The leadership team at Lakeside approaches the congregation of Norfolk Street United Church about the possibility of purchasing their building. With declining numbers in membership, Norfolk is open to the idea, although the building is not on the market.

2012 – On June 29, the Norfolk Street United Church building is purchased for $1 million and Lakeside’s community care ministry moves its operations downtown to serve the tangible needs of those living in poverty. After months of planning, negotiations, and fundraising; with 1700+ volunteer hours; more than 250 gallons of paint; 230 school backpacks donated and distributed; and 2 tonnes of food collected to stock the shelves in the Food Market, Lakeside HOPE House officially opens its doors on Sept. 8.

2013 – With the early departure of the Norfolk Street United Church congregation, a church planting team is formed and a second site, Lakeside Downtown, begins to take shape.

2014 – On Jan. 5, the first service is held at Lakeside Downtown.

2015 – In September, the Lakeside Child Care Centre opens its doors at Lakeside Central. It is a fully licensed Christian daycare for children 18-48 months.

2017 – In June, Pastor David Ralph transitions out of Lakeside and Jeff Groenewald is appointed as Interim Senior Leader.

2018 – On March 25, Lakeside partners overwhelmingly affirm Marc Gagnon as the new teaching pastor, and on April 9 Marc begins his ministry at Lakeside.