Lakeside Church

April 16, 2023 (God, where in the ______ are you?)

These questions are connected to the message, “God, where in the ______ are you?” from Sunday, April 16, 2023.

  1. Have you ever asked the question, “God, where in the _______ are you?” What brought you to that place and how would you describe your relationship with God during that time? If you’re in that place right now, and you feel comfortable, share it with the group (or journal about it if you’re doing these questions alone).
  2. Have you read this particular passage before? Try reading it again, slowly. What stood out to you in the past and what jumped out at you today? Are they different? How do you feel about it now after hearing Marc’s message?
  3. Are there warnings that God could be giving to you right now? What might those be and which ones are you aware of and correcting, and which ones are you ignoring?
  4. Marc asked: Am I living my life in the kingdom that sees power, wealth, status, and notoriety, or am I living in a kingdom where love, service, and sacrifice are my goal? In which kingdom do you find yourself? Is it always the same or is there a pull toward one depending on a set of circumstances or people in your life?
  5. Where do you want to see your name in lights? This can be a difficult thing to overcome, even for Christians, so how can you live your life this week as a saint rather than a hero? What could you do differently?