Be a Collector of People

“I just don’t know what I’m going to do.”

I’ve said it many times, and I’m sure you have too. Sometimes it’s a physical thing – something goes wrong in the house, with the car, or at your workplace. Sometimes it’s a financial thing – you just don’t know how you’re going to meet your commitments. Sometimes it’s a people thing that has gone sideways. Sometimes it’s a health challenge with no easy answers.

There’s a mountain in front of you and now you’re in a bind.

Because you’re a follower of Jesus, of course you pray, asking God for help. Because Google is there, you look for a solution online. Because you’re patient, you wait it out. But you’re still stuck.

May I pass along something I’ve been doing for many years now? I’ve been collecting people. Sure, I have my close friends just like you do, but over the years I’ve gotten to know literally thousands of people, and as a result I can almost always think of someone to call.

At Lakeside, our third core value says, “At Lakeside everyone can experience community – you don’t have to go it alone.” You don’t have to be an expert in everything. You don’t have to have an answer for every situation. Especially in this time of pandemic, reach out to the people around you – the people you’ve collected – and you’ll get stuck less often.

Consider getting to know people in these categories:

  1. Wise People. I have a group of people I call my “personal board of directors.” You may not be surprised to hear that I’ve gotten in over my head over the years, and so at times I’ve literally called these friends and said, “I need some wisdom from my personal board.” When you meet a wise person, make a mental note – you might need to call them at some point to get a fresh perspective.
  2. Pastoral People. This journey of following Jesus was never meant to be lived out in isolation. We need others in our lives that pastor us through the tough times. Some of those will literally be your pastors at Lakeside, some will be from beyond Lakeside. I have pastoral friends in locations across this country that I reach out to regularly and that has been such a gift to me.
  3. Financial People. I have a few friends “above my pay grade” so to speak. I love these people because they often give me perspective on financial things that I hadn’t understood before.
  4. Corporate People. Lawyers, Human Resources professionals, Accountants, Technical Geniuses – I’ve got a few of those in my back pocket too, because I know I’m never too far from needing their advice.
  5. Renovation People. Although I’m never afraid to try to fix something myself, I know my limitations, and I love my friends that have expertise in this area that far exceeds my own.

Friends, you don’t have to go it alone. And if you need help in a few of these areas, call me. I might just have a friend I can share!

Jeff Groenewald
Executive Pastor, Lakeside Church

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