Calling on the “road crew”

Remember praying at the end of 2019, asking God if there was a word for our lives for the coming year? Feel free to go back to that moment here. The word that came to me at that time was “highway.” Great word. I would go faster in 2020. Or so I thought. Until I went slower.

When John “the baptist” arrived on the scene at the start of Jesus’ public ministry, there was talk of a highway. Matthew saw it. Mark saw it. Luke saw it. The ancient word of Isaiah the prophet, spoken hundreds of years earlier, was coming to pass.

It sounded like this:

“A voice of one calling: ‘In the desert prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God…’”

There were five descriptions to this calling – check it out in Luke 3:4-6 and Isaiah 40:3-5.

  1. Prepare the way for the Lord.
  2. Make straight paths for him.
  3. Fill in the valleys.
  4. Bring down the mountains and hills.
  5. Make crooked roads straight and rough ways smooth.

And as if to summarize it, Luke says, “and all people will see God’s salvation.” There it is, God’s end game.

To further the word picture, John helped prepare the highway. Jesus travelled the highway with the message of salvation. It’s a theme you see in the Scriptures – prepare the ground, plant the seed, see the harvest.

Lakesiders, every time you straighten something that is crooked, or fill in a low spot, or bring down a mountain, or smooth out rough things, may you be reminded that you are part of making a highway for God – making a way for all people to see God’s salvation.

Jeff Groenewald

Executive Pastor, Lakeside Church

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