Lakeside Church

Discovering Lakeside

This course is the basic introduction to our church community. Since we have attendees from many different church backgrounds, it was designed to clearly explain who we are and what our church is all about. It is divided into six sections.

The Course

You may have already decided to become a partner at Lakeside and are taking this course as a prerequisite, or you may be seeking to find out more about the church in order to make an informed decision. Both are acceptable reasons for delving into this online course; we welcome your questions and feedback. At any point throughout the process, if you need clarification, please contact us.

To begin, click the titles below to complete each section. You will be taken to a form where you will also find a link to the content for that session. After reading the content, use the form to answer the submission questions. Once the form has been submitted, come back to this page to proceed to the next session.

This section provides a brief introduction and overview of what to expect in each session of the course.

This section highlights the importance of a relationship with Christ as well as baptism and communion.

This section provides information about who we are, including our mission, vision, and core values.

This section walks you through the history of Lakeside Church, as well as our organizational structure.

This section highlights the expectations of our partners and what you can expect if you choose to become one.

In this final section, we look at some of the key ministries at Lakeside and how you can get involved.

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