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Join us Easter weekend as we celebrate and share a beautiful story of love – God’s unwavering, reckless, abundant, amazing love for YOU.

Good Friday (April 15)
3pm / Lakeside North (7654 Conservation Road)
3pm / Lakeside Online (

Easter Sunday (April 17)
10am / Lakeside North (7654 Conservation Road)
10am / Lakeside Online (
11am / Lakeside Downtown (75 Norfolk Street)

3pm / Lakeside North & Online

When we recall Jesus’ crucifixion, there were those we think should have been there, but weren’t. Where were they? And there were those who showed up in unexpected ways. The question that haunts us is, would we have been there? We invite you to join us at Lakeside North at 3pm on Friday, April 15 to experience Good Friday.

* Please note there is no kids or youth program on Good Friday. Kids will remain with their families.

10am North & Online / 11am Downtown

He is risen. He is risen, indeed. Just two days after Jesus’ crucifixion, something miraculous happened. Join us at one of our locations on Sunday, April 17 for an Easter celebration of the resurrection. We’ll share communion together and reflect on what this means for us as we seek to discover and fully follow Jesus.

* There is regular kids programming at both locations on Easter Sunday.

24 Hours that Changed the World

What did your last 24 hours look like? Maybe you woke up, had breakfast, hit the gym, got the kids off to school, cleaned the house, picked up groceries, spent the day in meetings, and then gave the kids a bath, read a book, and settled on the couch for a little Netflix. There are any number of possible ways you could have spent your last 24 hours, and a plethora of emotions that go along with those seemingly menial tasks. For Jesus, it started with a meal with friends and time in prayer, followed by betrayal, accusation … and death.

As we head into Easter, we invite you to journey through 24 Hours that Changed the World, a study experience looking at the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life. You’ll delve into the powerful events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection as we prepare our hearts for Easter!

Additional Resources

“Lent is that moment in the Christian story where we get to tell the truth: the world is capable of incredible beauty, but it can also be filled with so much suffering.” We found this wonderful resource from Kate Bowler online, and we invite you sign up for her 40-day reflection guide.

Lakeside Locations

Lakeside North

7654 Conservation Road

Lakeside Downtown

75 Norfolk Street

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