Five Minutes with Melissa Goetz

This past fall, Melissa Goetz joined the Lakeside staff team as our part-time Family Ministries Coordinator.

With more than 150 kids and their small group leaders in Lakeside Kids on an average Sunday, Melissa is a key part of our ministry.

Here’s a conversation Melissa and I had recently:

Jeff: Let’s start with the basics! Who is Melissa Goetz?

Melissa: Well, I’m a wife, a mom to four (ranging in age from 21 to 8), a new Nana to the sweetest boy, and a huge animal lover.

Jeff: How and when did you start coming to Lakeside?

Melissa: I first came to Lakeside in 2001, invited by a friend. She raved about how “cool” her church was and I was very eager to check it out. I would describe myself as a “seeker” at that time, and I was looking for answers to my questions about Jesus. I joined a small group, volunteered in kids programming, and received Christ soon after. I was even baptized out at the Lakeside barn!

A painful divorce and other challenges led to a difficult season in my life, and for a number of years, I stayed away from Lakeside, and from God. It was a rough time.

I remarried in 2008, and wanted to go back to church, and missed Lakeside. I returned in 2015, and looking back, I see God’s hand guiding me clearly. I can’t believe that nearly 20 years later, I’m now part of the staff team, and have the opportunity to share the amazing truth of Jesus that was shared with me, to seekers of all ages.

Jeff: What are your hopes and dreams for Lakeside Kids?

Melissa: I’m only three months into this new role, but I’ve been overflowing with ideas and excitement for this ministry. My dream is that each child, whether they walk down the kids’ hallway once, or every Sunday, feels welcomed, feels like they belong, and feels like they have a place here. I want them to feel loved – not just by us, but that they would know they are loved by God. I get so excited to teach kids how big God’s love is for them!

Jeff: What specifically do you do here in Lakeside Kids?

Melissa: If it involves kids, it involves me! I work closely with Kim Wheeler, our Lakeside Kids Director, to make sure everything runs smoothly for the kids on Sunday mornings. Specifically, I prepare our curriculum (usually 4-6 weeks in advance because it changes every single month), and the activity bins that get used each Sunday. I design and assemble monthly sets in “Soul Station” to match our particular theme, and I post a recap of Sunday’s lesson on social media. I also help organize and schedule volunteers! It’s a big role but I’m fully embracing it.

Jeff: What gets you excited about Lakeside (outside of kids ministry)?

Melissa: The staff team at Lakeside makes me feel so inspired and excited. I have never met a group of people who are so genuine, so welcoming, and have such huge hearts for Jesus! I’m looking forward to getting to know the staff better as the year goes on. I’m really excited to have my faith strengthened, and perhaps challenged within this new role.

Thank you, Melissa, for taking a few moments to share a little bit of yourself with us. Welcome to the team.

Jeff Groenewald
Executive Pastor, Lakeside Church

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