Five Next Steps

At Lakeside Church, one of our core values is that everyone can move forward. Every time I take a next step, I discover more of who God is, and His plan for my life. Anticipation then builds for the next step after that!

When the thought comes to you that “maybe I should” or “I’m feeling like I want to” or “I’m nervous, but I think it’s time” that’s a good indicator that there’s a next step for you. Go for it! Lakeside is a place that will encourage and empower you as you continue on your journey of fully following Jesus.

There are so many kinds of next steps, but here are a few you might consider…

  1. Attend Alpha. The winter session of Alpha has just begun and people often say that they have discovered Jesus and understood their faith a little more at Alpha. Tomorrow (Feb. 4) is week two and it’s not too late to jump in. Call a friend, especially one with spiritual questions, and head over to Lakeside Downtown on Tuesday night at 7pm for food, friends, and great discussion.
  2. Start a group. Are you in your 20s and just out of school? Are you in your 30s and early 40s deep in the weeds of job, family, and mortgage? Are you 45-55 and looking for others thinking about their “second half”? All of these need leaders to step forward and pull their peers together.
  3. Be part of Family Care. As our church grows we need to grow our capacity to meet families in need. Whether it is sickness, or the loss of a loved one, or a person in unexpected difficulty, we love to reach out personally. If you’ve got time, and a heart for others, you could be part of a team like that.
  4. Join the worship and tech team. Did you miss the opportunity along the way to join a band or be part of the road crew? No worries, Lakeside has openings for people in technical roles like producing, camera operating, sound, lights, or in joining the band.
  5. Mentor Someone. I was talking with a Lakesider the other day who said he was “in the legacy phase of his life” and his great joy was in helping others lead in the church so it would flourish long into the future. Are you a person with decades of experience following Jesus that could pass a few gems along to others? Or maybe you’re the other person looking for a mentor like that. We can help connect you.

Go ahead. Send me a message about one of these next steps, or another that you have in mind, and I’ll make sure the right person follows up with you. You can scroll down in the newsletter today and explore more next steps. May God blow your mind as you discover that there are more next steps for you!

Jeff Groenewald
Executive Pastor; Lakeside Church

P.S. With this being the season for winter storms, we’d like to have an on-call team of Lakesiders who would be able to show up early on a Sunday to clear snow from around our exterior doors around the building. If you could be on that on-call list, send an email to Larry Sosnoski letting him know.

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