Imagine A Life…

One of the ways we describe who we are at Lakeside, is by a question.

What if you were to imagine a great life?

Whether you come at that question from a spiritual or secular standpoint, we believe we might all start imagining the same sort of life.
A life…..

  • That has meaning and purpose—where you can make an impact and find a sense of calling.
  • Where there is hope—no matter how bad things are right now, they can always get better.
  • Where there is freedom from addictive behaviours and choices.
  • Where there is relational stability resulting in intimate and loving relationships.
  • Where there is contentment and satisfaction and freedom from always wanting more.
  • Where there is internal happiness that is not driven by the pursuit of pleasure or possessions or power.
  • Where there is discernment—the ability to choose wisely—to know what is right and wrong.
  • Where you can be genuine and honest and transparent.
  • Where you have the faith-based confidence to face your fears and doubts head on.
  • Of simplicity, generosity and gratitude.
  • Filled with passion and joy and excitement.
  • Where the key questions of life get answered.
  • Where you can have a spiritual encounter with God that is not bound up in religion.
  • Where you love God with all your heart, where He is continually changing you and you want to share your story of life change with others.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Jesus didn’t come to bring religion or burden us with rules and rituals. Jesus said that his sole purpose was to “help each of us find this kind of life and live this kind of life to the fullest.” So many things in our world rob us of this kind of life. At Lakeside it is our mission to help you find the life that Jesus came to bring and to live it out to the best of your ability. All we do is simply help you find the life that you imagine.