Lakeside Church


Lakeside Church exists to help all people discover and fully follow Jesus. It’s as simple as that. Whether you are gay, straight, trans, queer, questioning, or unsure … whatever language describes you best, you are welcome here.


We realize many institutions say, “You are welcome,” and yet, being welcome can be very different from being fully included. So let us be extremely clear by what we mean when we say you are welcome here.

Welcome: Everyone is welcome to attend and serve in any position, regardless of their views (and lived experiences) regarding sexuality and gender. 

Leadership: We truly mean any position. As we lay out in our decision statement, fruit of the Spirit (and not where you land on certain issues) is the lens we use to choose healthy, Christ-like leaders. 

Marriage: We perform marriages for heterosexual and homosexual couples.  

Theological Diversity: Lakeside Church is committed to growing into a non-judgmental space for the many perspectives on gender and sexuality. In fact, you will find people who attend our church who hold a wide variety of beliefs on many different issues. We strive for unity, not uniformity. We don’t see complete agreement on everything as a litmus test for community. 

We simply ask that whatever perspective you hold on sexuality and gender, you act with kindness, grace, and humility, acknowledging that others may see things differently.


Even after reading this far, you may still be asking questions like: 

  • “How did they come to this conclusion?” 
  • “Have they always believed this?”
  • “How can they believe this?”
  • “What if I’m not sure what I believe?”

Below you will find a brief history of our journey, as well as links to content and documents that may give you some insight into our process. 


Since Lakeside began in 1989, we have held what many would call a traditional view of marriage, but in 2019, it was determined that we needed to revisit and examine that position, in particular, the impact of that position on the LGBTQ+ community.

This prompted an in-depth examination of scripture, extensive conversations, and sincere prayer. Our church took part in several conversations on this topic. (You can watch those by clicking the button below). After a few months of meetings, in February 2023, a pivotal decision was made that marked a transformative shift in Lakeside’s approach.

Today, Lakeside proudly identifies as an inclusive community of Jesus followers, extending an invitation to all to embark on a journey of growth and full participation in life and leadership.

Explaining to our young adults that the church we are now attending, accepts them fully... that they are not bound by law, but under the new covenant of Christ's love... has renewed their desire to pursue Jesus. They are telling their friends... and considering attending once again. We are overjoyed! This is an answer to prayer.

I've delved into stories of people who are LGBTQ+ and have had my heart opened and softened to their struggles as a result of our society and the Church's attitudes. I've been ruined for black and white answers and I can no longer fight over debatable issues. It's made me wrestle with God and ask better questions as I seek to faithfully follow Him.

(This) has allowed what I've felt in my heart for a long time to align with how I live and express my faith. It has enabled me to look deep into other areas of my faith and ask hard questions on things I've always accepted as truth. It has spurred many conversations with family members and friends who are also trying to make sense of their faith in light of new realizations and understandings.