Lakeside Church

Luke 12:22-34

These questions are connected to the message, “How to Stop Stressing About Money,” from Sunday May 1, 2022. You can watch it here.
Dive In: Read this passage in a few different translations (e.g. The Message, N. T. Wright’s The New Testament for Everyone, Contemporary English Version, Amplified Bible, The Living Bible); does your understanding of the passage change?
  1. If you’re totally honest, does this passage sound realistic or achievable? Why or why not?
  2. If you didn’t grasp the nature of wisdom literature in Scripture, why might this passage come off as cruel or hard-hearted?
  3. If you’ve had an experience where your heart changed because of a decision you made about your finances or a cause or charity that you gave to, can you share that with the group?
  4. Discuss: Greed is not just a vice of the rich.
  5. If you have practices or experiences that have helped you overcome worry about finances, or discontent over what you don’t have, or have loosened the stranglehold of possessions in your life, would you consider sharing it/them with the group? (This isn’t bragging, it’s sharing your own life’s journey).
  6. What do you think it means to ‘seek first the Kingdom of God’? How does understanding this as a communal command make the second part of the verse more plausible? Share any biblical or life examples of this.
Act on it:
Which of the following practices might you commit to for this week or month?
  1. Sell something and give it to the poor.
  2. Commit to give a portion of your money away
  3. Buy only consumables for a month.
  4. Ask if it’s a want or need before purchasing.
  5. Take ___ months off buying clothes, tools, hair products, alcohol etc.
  6. Choose to eat out less and invest that money in a kingdom way.
  7. Choose to overpay service providers.
  8. Pre-decide to give away a portion (or all) of unexpected funds such as tax returns, license fees, gifts, inheritances etc).
  9. Give away something you don’t want to give away.
  10. Sign up for the 6-week Managing Finances for Freedom course that begins on May 25.