Lakeside Church

Luke 4:14-30

These questions are connected to the message, “Is Jesus your King or your Genie?” from Sunday, June 13, 2021. You can find it here.

Dive In: Read or listen to this passage (Luke 4:14-30) in an unfamiliar translation of the Bible (e.g. New Living Translation or The Message). What did this passage teach you about who Jesus is and what he’s like?


  1. What piqued your curiosity, challenged you, encouraged you, and/or motivated you from the sermon? 
  2. If Jesus wanted to be with people who all thought the same way about his message, would have gone to Jerusalem. Instead, Jesus went to preach in Nazareth. What does this tell you about Jesus? What does this tell you about these two places? And how do they compare to Lakeside (or your own church community)?
  3. In what area(s) of your life has Jesus not met your expectations? Is there a miracle you were hoping for? Is it a moral issue? A global view? Some family value? Contrast that with an area of your life where Jesus has met your expectations.
  4. Marc said that we often want the benefits of the Jesus life without the cost involved. We want the blessings without the baggage. Where do you see this in your own life? Where would you rather settle for the “fringe benefits” than accept Jesus’ invitation to something? Go through the list Jesus quoted from Isaiah and discuss with others (or journal about it if you’re answering these questions alone).
  5. It looked as though the people of Nazareth only wanted Jesus to fulfill their desires and perform miracles. If you take an honest look at your own life, do you want Jesus to be your king or your genie? Will you still serve him even if you don’t get everything you want?