Lakeside Church

Luke 5:27-32

These questions are connected to the message, “Feasting with Felons,” from July 18, 2021. You can watch it here.
Dive In: This story is such a moving picture of the radical love of Christ!
Read or listen to this passage (Luke 5:27-31) in an unfamiliar translation of the Bible (e.g. New Living Translation or The Message). What did this passage teach you about who God is?
  1. What piqued your curiosity, challenged you, encouraged you, motivated you from the sermon?
  2. Notice that one of the first things Matthew does is throw a banquet for Jesus and invite his friends. When you consider your image of Jesus, would you feel comfortable inviting Jesus to meet your friends or your friends to meet Jesus? Why or why not?
  3. It’s easy for us to marvel and be joyful at Jesus’ inclusion of the scoundrels of his day, but do we feel the same way about the worst of the worst in our society or world? It’s not difficult to think of a politician or world leader or criminal or institution that we despise. How do you feel about Jesus inviting them to follow him, to dine with him?
  4. Is there someone in your life right now with whom you have a strained relationship because of different beliefs (e.g. political, Covid, religious, etc.)? Have you tried to reason with them and failed? Have you given up? Might you try leaning into the relationship rather than moving away from it? You could ask your group to pray for you as you attempt this.
  5. Are there people you claim to love but wouldn’t have at your table?