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Luke 12:54-59 (for Sunday, May 22)

Note: The audio version contains the full chapter, not just this week’s passage.

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Six Helpful Tips for Handling Messy Relationships | Sunday, May 15, 2022

Relationships are messy. Sometimes, relationships within the church are messy. Sometimes, relationships within our own household (even when we are all Jesus followers) are messy. (Some might say it’s because we are Jesus followers). In this message, Pastor Marc Gagnon walks us through a section of Luke 12 that shows us why following Jesus often leads to division … but it’s not always a bad thing!

For small groups, families, or individual reflection

Discussion Questions


These questions are connected to the message, “Six Helpful Tips for Handling Messy Relationships” from Sunday May 15, 2022. You can watch it here.
Dive In: Read this passage in The Message translation. You can find it here. 
  1. What stood out to you in this passage or this sermon — something new, something challenging, something encouraging?
  2. In Eugene Peterson’s translation (The Message) he translates verse 50 as such: I’ve come to change everything, turn everything right side up—how I long for it to be finished! Why do you think turning “everything right side up” would cause division? Wouldn’t everyone want “everything turned right side up?”
  3. In light of today’s passage read Romans 6:1-7.
  4. The natal angelic announcement of “peace on earth” and John the Baptist’s declaration that Jesus would turn the hearts of parents to their children (Luke 1:7) seem to stand in contradiction to today’s passage. How do you explain the seeming shift?
  5. What is your greatest challenge when navigating relationships where there are differing views? Is division always unavoidable? What are some tools or strategies or postures that we can take to maintain relationships in the midst of diversity?
  6. If you’re older, is there a younger person in your life from whom you can learn or at least take a learning or inquiring posture?
  7. If you’re younger, is there an older person in your life from whom you can learn or at least take a learning or inquiring posture?
  8. Is there someone (or a demographic) that you would struggle to have at your table or welcome into your home?
  9. In your faith experience or tradition, is the Communion Table/The Lord’s Table, a practice that is guarded (fenced) or something that is open to the seeker? Discuss how you feel about this and what informs your particular view?


As we go through this series, we encourage you to find a small group of people with whom you can discuss the message. You’ll find discussion questions based on the week’s reading above. Talk about it with your small group, your friends, or your family. Want help finding a group? Click the button below to see all current groups and get connected today.

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