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Luke 13:22-30

Note: The audio version contains the full chapter, not just this week’s passage.

Most Recent "Luke" Message

Who Will be saved? (Luke 13:22-35) | Sunday, July 3, 2022

The question of who will be saved has consumed many down through the ages. In typical Jesus fashion, when asked this question, he shocks his listeners, overturning popular opinion, and flipping the question from “how few and who?” to “will it be you?” In this message, Pastor Robyn Elliott delves into Luke 13:22-35 and prepares us to have our assumptions challenged.

For small groups, families, or individual reflection

Discussion Questions


These questions are connected to the message: “Who Will Be Saved?” from Sunday, July 3, 2022. You can watch that here.
Dive In: Read this passage (Luke 13:22-35) in an unfamiliar translation.
  1. As you read this passage in an unfamiliar translation, what caught your attention?
  2. Where have we individually or collectively fallen into complacency?
  3. In what ways do we look more like the world than the Jesus way of life? Priorities? Values? Responses?
  4. What images of God are most true – do they align with what we claim to believe about God?


These resources are connected to the message, Jesus, Hypocrisy, and the LGBTQ+ Community. You can watch it here.

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