Market Disruptors

Are you a market watcher? I mean, someone who watches the daily moves on the stock market? In addition to being a place fortunes are made and lost, the stock market is a proxy for the feelings of a nation about an industry in particular or the economy in general. That’s why it has been so interesting to watch the stock market reaction to the pandemic. From record highs in late February through a massive crash in March, and now to a rebound marked with massive volatility from one day to the next.

Sounds kind of like all of our lives and emotions over the same period, doesn’t it?

And in the midst of all this, there are market disruptors. Companies that emerge with the tenacity, vision, and creativity to find a way to survive and even thrive in the uncertainty. Market disruptors change industries, perceptions, and futures.

When I heard Robyn Elliott’s message yesterday, I saw the parallels. Jesus’ new community is a market disruptor. This “new world order” as it were, changes everything, so it’s worth not rushing by too quickly as we get into this new week.

Jesus’ new community is: 

  1. Socially disruptive. There was to be no exclusion. No favouring of class, race, or status. In fact, in this new community, there was always a special place for those society considered “the least of these.”
  2. Economically daring. In Jesus new community, it’s not Darwin’s survival of the fittest that wins the day, but rather a looking out for the interests of all, giving generously with a recognition that it all comes from God.
  3. Politically unorthodox. No hierarchy of power was how the preacher said it? Power and control seem to thrive in every human setting. It’s not that we should never have people put in positions of authority, but rather, that authority should be exercised in a way that lifts, builds, and frees people to flourish.
  4. Geographically unlimited. Early in my Christian life I read a book called “From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya” by Ruth A. Tucker. She chronicles the growth from the original handful of Jewish disciples to the furthermost parts of the earth. No political, military, or social system has prevented the good news of Jesus from penetrating every corner of the earth.
  5. Spiritually revolutionary. When people met Jesus, it was never just “an interesting conversation.” When people met Jesus, lies were exposed, diseases were cured, futures were reoriented. Never mind Elon Musk and the Tesla automobile, Jesus was a true revolutionary and to meet him was to encounter a spiritual revolution in one’s life. 

When you were finishing high school and looking forward, what kind of life did you imagine yourself having? Was it a life that was socially disruptive, economically daring, politically unorthodox, geographically unlimited and spiritually revolutionary? 

Where do I sign up?

Jeff Groenewald
Executive Pastor, Lakeside Church

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