Maybe THIS is the question we should be asking

Over the last several months, I read “Irresistible” by Andy Stanley. The book is a journey back to discover what made the church – the fledgling Jesus movement as recorded in the pages of Scripture – so irresistible that in the space of a few short years it grew into a movement that even the powerful Roman empire could not control, and that literally changed the world.

After describing followers who put their faith in the resurrected Jesus and how they began to live such different lives, Andy Stanley, the master of the one-liner, suggests that to live “irresistibly” we should ask this question: “What does love require of me?” So simple, so livable, and so relevant right now as we seek to be a church community that loves people – all people – the way Jesus did. Maybe it is THE question we should be asking ourselves right now.

I’m reminded of 1 John 4:7-12. The word “love” appears 13 times.

This is love:

  1. That God loved us. God is the reference point – not us, not a book, not a political or economic system. Want to know what love is? Start with God.
  2. That God gave. Love is outwardly, lavishly generous and seeks not to be repaid, recognized, or rewarded. Wonder how to show love to someone? Give something away.
  3. That God forgave. When we think about God as the reference point for love, we are inescapably faced with forgiveness. I love how the bible describes this in another place – “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Instead of waiting for something to happen before you can forgive, will you take the first step now?
  4. That we love one another. Do you want to live an irresistible life? Do you desire a life that God can use like a magnet? Let it be known about you that you love the “one anothers” in your life, whoever they may be, with a love that reflects God’s love for you.
  5. That love proves. Think about that. It’s not knowledge or passing the doctrine exam, it’s not years of maturity, it’s not a behaviour checklist. Loving one another is the mark of authenticity in the Jesus-following life. And guess what? All of us can pass that test!!

Yesterday during the message in our Sunday gathering, Robyn Elliott took us to “soul-school.” As you continue your lessons, remember that question, “What does love require of me?”

Jeff Groenewald
Executive Pastor, Lakeside Church

PS – For those of you that are Lakeside partners, watch for a message shortly in which you will be asked to affirm a new member for the Lakeside Elders team.

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