Meet Marc Gagnon

Marc Gagnon is an ordained minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. Husband to Tryphena, and father to Grayson and Kaiya, he has been working in the church world for almost 10 years, most recently as the planting and Lead Pastor of an urban church in the inner city of Toronto. Prior to that, Marc was a Youth Outreach Pastor, leading and speaking weekly to youth with no Christian faith background. In both these roles, Marc has been able to continue to grow in his greatest passion: Creating environments where people who know Jesus, and people who don’t… all gather together to explore what it means to know and experience the power of Jesus in their life.

Marc’s favourite passage is Acts 15:19: “It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God.” For the last six years, Marc has worked hard to develop a church and a team that created every environment with this mindset.

While leader development and vision are where Marc spends a lot of his time, taking the unchanging truths of scripture and making them accessible to audiences of different generational, ethnic and faith backgrounds is one of Marc’s greatest gifts. His passion to see life transformation challenges him to labour not only to exegete scripture, but also culture. Marc truly believes preaching and teaching is never simply about information transfer… but life transformation.

Being a father of two children under three means Marc’s hobbies include drinking coffee and folding laundry (in that order). When he has spare time, Marc loves putting his tool belt on and renovating with friends in the neighbourhood. It doesn’t really matter what… as long as people and power tools are involved. If you creep Marc’s Spotify account, you will find 90s hip hop, spontaneous worship songs that last 17 minutes, dancehall music and country… None of that was a typo. Just thought you should know.

Marc and Tryphena have been excited to hear the journey God has taken Lakeside on, and are excited to join in on candidate Sunday (March 25), and see how God continues to lead. You should come… he’s gonna bring more pictures of his cute kids.