Everything we do here at Lakeside is shaped by our vision of helping people discover and fully follow Jesus. Our ministries, events, and programs are next steps to help you do just that – in community – with others who are growing and learning as well. Check them out and get connected.



Alpha is widely acknowledged as the very best overview and introduction to the Christian faith available today. Alpha provides a wonderful opportunity to ask and explore questions that may be new to you; and questions that you may have avoided in the past. Questions like:

  • Why did Jesus have to die?
  • How can I have faith?
  • Does God heal today?

At Lakeside Church, these kinds of questions are fundamental as we help each other discover and fully follow Jesus.

And at Lakeside Central, we’ve turned Alpha into an evening. We offer a selection of courses on Alpha Night including:

  • The Marriage Course
  • Alpha 2 – A Life Worth Living
  • The Parenting Courses
  • The Institute Parts 1-4

…and we begin all of these with an excellent ‘home-cooked’ meal. You’ll find Alpha Night to be the perfect opportunity to:

  • Meet some people and develop friendships within Lakeside
  • Refine your relationship with God
  • Improve your understanding of questions your friends might have
  • Enjoy a great meal that you didn’t have to prepare

For more information, and for the courses currently being offered visit the Alpha Night website.


Lakeside Kids

We partner with families to help kids discover and fully follow Jesus.

Kids gather on Sunday mornings in an environment specifically geared to them. From infants to Grade 5, kids are cared for in a secure setting. They are led by a dedicated team of volunteers who get to know each child by name.

Kids learn about God and making faith a part of their everyday lives through engaging stories and hands-on activities. We want each kid to grow up to become someone who loves God, loves others, and really lives.


Your child’s safety is important to us. Each child receives a name tag and the adult receives a matching security tag. If your child needs you, we can reach you through our paging system. If you’d like, you can register your children ahead of time by clicking here.

Nursing Room

A quiet nursing room is located by the kids’ area. There are comfortable couches and a TV so that you can see the Sunday morning gathering.

Jelly Tots

Jelly Tots is a drop-in playgroup that meets Thursday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30am. Join us for stories, songs, crafts and a snack. It’s a fun morning for little ones and a great chance for parents and caregivers to connect.


Join us for special events throughout the year. From Family Movie Nights to our annual Gingerbread Decorating Party and more, events are a great way to build family memories and get to know others.

If you have any questions or want more information about Lakeside Kids, please contact Kim Wheeler.

Lakeside Child Care Centre

Lakeside child care logo working file orange w handLakeside Child Care Centre is a faith-based, non-profit, community-based child care centre that offers programs for children ages 18- 48 months. We are open Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

We are devoted to the overall well-being of children by teaching Biblical principles and modeling the love of Jesus Christ.
We are committed to providing high quality care to all children, with the guidance of qualified and passionate educators.
We aim to provide an environment where children can be engaged and inspired through play experiences, and grow in their sense of curiosity and learning.
We help children develop a positive self image, self-confidence and know that they are loved and valued.

Please see the Lakeside Child Care Centre website for more information.

Family Care

At times, we all need support and encouragement through life’s changes and challenges. Here at Lakeside, our Family Care Ministry responds to various life circumstances that people within our Lakeside family experience. We come alongside them to provide support, encouragement and prayers as well as practical needs such as meals and visits. We also refer people to other support programs offered in the church such as GriefWalk, DivorceCare, Celebrate Recovery and Journey Counselling Services.

Our ministry includes:


We extend love, comfort, and compassion to those who are in the hospital, at home recovering from illness or surgery, or who are undergoing medical treatments. We also provide support to those who have lost a loved one. We pray for individuals, call, send cards, co-ordinate meals, deliver fruit baskets and visit them to help meet some of their practical needs and provide encouragement during this time.

Prayer Ministry

We offer prayer support to people. We are committed to the power of prayer and we encourage people within our Lakeside family to give us the opportunity to lift them up in prayer. We communicate prayer requests to the:

  • Lakeside staff during their Tuesday prayer time
  • Wednesday morning prayer team
  • Friday morning Downtown prayer group
  • Lakeside prayer chain

Funeral Co-ordination

We co-ordinate and provide food and hospitality when a funeral is hosted at Lakeside Church.

Please contact Brian Bulger at 519-836-8141 ext 225 or if you are in need or if you would like to volunteer.


Our mission is to provide a safe place to cope with life’s losses.

  • Grief is what we feel when we experience loss
  • Grief is the inward response to loss
  • Mourning is the outward expression of our grief

Griefwalk is a peer-based Support Ministry where those who have experienced losses themselves are ready to come alongside and “walk” with those who are grieving. We offer this support through:

  1. Bereavement Loss Support Groups.
  2. One-to-one peer support.
  3. Book Resources. We have a library of helpful books and pamphlets.
  4. Referral to a Grief Counselor.

It is important to find the best match for each grieving person; an interview is the starting place where together we can look at your personal grief journey and see what supports would be most helpful.

For more information, please contact Elizabeth Lengyel at or 519-836-8141 ext 237.

Visit our website

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Lakeside Missions is focused on working globally and locally in partnership with local leaders and missionaries to help make a difference in the lives of people in our community and in third world countries.

2019 Short-Term Mission Trips

April 2019 to Cuba
July 2019 to Kenya
September 2019 to Kenya

For more information about upcoming mission trips, please contact Cam Millar at

Kenya, Africa

Lakeside has entered into a six year partnership with PACE Africa to build the Lakeside High School in Nyahururu Kenya. Nyahururu is a town of 40,000 people located about two hours north of the capital city Nairobi and is right on the equator. PACE Africa is a ministry that focuses on education and leadership development. The ministry is made up of a pre-school, grade school, high school and seminary and it trains and educates students from across the various countries in East Africa. It also houses a dental clinic and other health related facilities. The goal of PACE is to raise up educated Christian leaders who will return to their town and cities and have an influence in their places of origin. Not only do we provide funds to see this project to completion but each year a team will assist in the construction of the high school.

Wichira Ngamau is the leader of PACE. Nyahururu is his hometown and he has a passion for his town and for the people in East Africa. Wichira was formally educated in the United States and returned to Africa to begin the ministry of PACE. Wichira also pastors a local church and mentors a group of pastors in his area.

This partnership project will allow PACE to double the capacity of students it is able to educate at a high school level and will provide excellent facilities for the training of these students. It will allow the current facilities the high school is using to be turned into more classroom space for the grade school.

Central America & Haiti

Clean water. Approximately 800 million people still do not have access to clean drinking water in this world. The effects of contaminated drinking water affect communities in many different ways.

The hardest hit by the water crisis are the women and children of the community who often spend 20 hours per week collecting water. To collect the water women and children have to walk many miles, often in areas that are not physically safe for them to be in. Where access to clean water is lacking, poverty is usually quite prevalent. Families living in these areas of the world, in most cases, live on less than $1.00 per day.

Lakeside Church and the mission committee, in cooperation with Living Water International (LWI), are working on water projects in Haiti and Central America to drill wells to provide communities with a safe, local supply of clean drinking water, and to repair existing damaged and neglected pumps.

LWI is a US based organization which has completed 10,000+ water projects in 23 countries. LWI exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water and to experience “Living Water” – the gospel of Jesus Christ.

LWI also works with local governments and communities to establish community-based water solutions which start many months before a well drilling rig arrives in a community. The program helps to identify leaders in the community, which leads to the set up of a local water committee. This committee aids the community by teaching hygiene and sanitation, and to identify and solve problems relating to well use and maintenance. These programs allow women living in countries which normally do not value women in leadership rolls, to rise to the top and assume greater roles and responsibilities in the community. Empowering both men and women in the community to accept ownership of the well and the care of it, creates a viable life-changing clean well and a healthier community for them to live.


Lakeside Prayer Ministry

Matthew 21:13 (NRSV) He (Jesus) said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer’…”

Prayer Opportunities at Lakeside Central:

  • Sunday morning during the gathering. Join us for a strategic prayer time in the Lounge as we seek to pray for the Sunday ministries and those involved, aware that God is the source of all that we are and have.
  • Monday prayer gathering for Celebrate Recovery, from 6:45-9:00 p.m. A time of intercessory prayer specifically focused on Celebrate Recovery issues.
  • Wednesday Prayer Time, from 9:30-11:30 a.m. We come together to pray for all of the Lakeside family, as well as specific requests from individuals. This is a time of building friendships as well as a time of prayer.
  • Special Prayer Focus Times to be announced during the year.

For more information please email

Small Groups


What are you looking for?

  • Friendship?
  • Growth?
  • Encouragement?
  • Connections?

It’s time to find it! Join a Small Group.

At Lakeside, genuine life change—spiritual growth—is one of our core values. We believe that as followers of Jesus, it is important that we continue to grow spiritually throughout our lifetime. We also believe that life change is best facilitated in small groups. Why? Simply, God created us to live in community. We were created to have a relationship with Him and with others. Genuine life change occurs within the context of relationships. We encourage everyone to move from sitting in rows on Sunday morning to joining a circle of friends in a small group.

If you are new to Lakeside, joining a small group is a great way to meet new people and get connected. A small group is a community of 12-20 people who gather weekly in an environment where they can make friends and encourage each other in their journey of faith.

Vision Statement of Lakeside Small Groups

To see every person in Lakeside Church and the surrounding community connected in a healthy small group.

Mission Statement of Lakeside Small Groups

A community helping each other experience and share authentic life in Jesus through healthy small groups, incorporating fellowship, discipleship, serving, outreach and worship.

Five Biblical Purposes of Small Groups at Lakeside Church

Based on the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40) and Acts 2:42-47

  • Fellowship – True fellowship connects members to each other and to Christ.
  • Discipleship- Identifying your next spiritual step and helping others to identify theirs. Learning the Word of God and living out its truth in every aspect of our lives.
  • Serving – Being engaged in serving and meeting the needs of people both within the small group and outside the small group.
  • Outreach – We have a mission to introduce the world to Jesus, especially those in our circle of influence. Small Groups are a place to pray for the people in our lives who do not know Jesus as well as participate in global outreach.
  • Worship – At the heart of worship is surrender. Transparency in small groups offers the perfect atmosphere for people to help each other live out being a living sacrifice.

In healthy small groups people help each other incorporate these five biblical purposes in their individual lives as well as in their group.

If you are new to Lakeside, joining a small group is a great way to meet new people and get connected. We encourage everyone to be a part of a small group.

We encourage everyone to be a part of a small group.

For more information about Small Groups at Lakeside or to register for one, please click here or contact Janet Collins at or 519-836-8141 ext 231.


Lakeside Youth (Grades 6-12)

A community helping students discover and fully follow Jesus.

Lakeside Youth is a fun place for students in Grades 6-12 to experience and build a personal relationship with God. Evenings include music, games, and both large and small group time. Students can also develop their gifts and abilities by serving others whether through music, leadership or organizing special games. They will develop friendships that last a lifetime.

Students are also given the chance, over the course of the year, to participate in weekend retreats, large group events, life-altering conferences, and numerous service projects.

We meet most Wednesdays at our main campus (7654 Conversation Road).

Junior High students (Grades 6-8) meet from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

High School students (Grades 9-12) meet from 7:30-9:15 p.m.

Junior High students (Grades 6-8) also meet during the Sunday morning gathering at Lakeside Central for a message tailored just to them.

No matter who your child is or where your family has come from, we would love to see you at Lakeside Youth.

Check out our website

Join us on Facebook

Follow us on Instagram @wearelakesideyouth

For more information about Lakeside Youth please contact Daniel Bell.

Support & Recovery

Celebrate Recovery

The purpose of Lakeside Church’s Celebrate Recovery ministry is to fellowship and celebrate God’s healing power in our lives through the “8 Recovery Principles.” We become free from our addictive, compulsive and dysfunctional behaviours. Celebrate Recovery at Lakeside meets every Monday night at 7:00 p.m. A ‘Newcomers 101’ group is offered each week to provide an overview of the program and to help guide first time attendees into the appropriate support group that best reflects the current life struggle. For more information please contact Brian Bulger at 519-836-8141 ext 225 or visit


DivorceCare is a 13-session course designed to help you face the challenges of separation and divorce and move toward rebuilding your life. Each DivorceCare session has two distinct elements: During the first 30-40 minutes of the meeting, each DivorceCare group watches a video seminar followed by a support group with focus. After viewing the video DivorceCare group participants spend time as a support group, discussing what was presented in that week’s video seminar and what is going on in the lives of group members. Please see the DivorceCare website for more information. Each topic stands on its own so new members are welcome every week.

For more information about DivorceCare, please email

DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K)

DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K) is designed to help children 5-12 heal from a family breakup. Are your children angry, hurt and confused about your divorce? DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K) provides a safe, fun place where children ages 5-12 will learn to understand their feelings, express their emotions appropriately, feel better about themselves and develop coping skills. Please see the DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K) website for more information. Each topic stands on its own so new members are welcome every week.

For more information about DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K), which runs alongside DivorceCare, please email

HOPE House

HOPE House is an organization that exists to Help Overcome Poverty Everywhere and is located in the downtown core of Guelph, Ontario. If you are in need of food, clothing, or information about our city’s social assistance resources, please click here, call 519-265-4299, or come in to our location at 10 Cork Street East, Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Five Star Relationships (Counselling)

Services Provided

Sometimes you find yourself facing issues that you find difficult to understand and process. Whether it is anxiety, depression, relationships, a life transition, loss, questions about vocation, or many other issues, it can be helpful to talk to someone who can help give you insight and help you move towards healing. Five Star Relationships provides confidential and professional counselling to individuals, couples, and families. Our focus is to provide a listening, non-judgmental and supportive environment as we walk alongside you in your journey of healing and growth.

About the Counsellor

ANDREA GROENEWALD, M.Div, R.P. (Registered Psychotherapist), celebrates 18 years of counselling at Lakeside this year (2018). Andrea continues to meet with clients around a diverse number of issues, including anxiety, depression and relationship issues. She is trained in CBT, Narrative, Solution Focused, EMDR, Healing Prayer, and Prepare and Enrich. Using advanced Performance Analysis Tools, Andrea also has specialized training around vocational and work performance issues. Andrea’s passion is to help people unleash their potential in all areas of life.

You can contact Andrea at 519-836-8141 ext 224 or speak with Andrea’s assistant, Susan at ext. 221, to book an appointment or for any other inquiries.

Code of Ethics
All counselling is committed to the supervisory and ethical guidelines as outlined in the Code of Ethics of the CRPO (College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario). Should you require emergency assistance, please consult your family doctor or go immediately to the emergency department of your local hospital.


We are a community of singles (unmarried, dating, divorced) helping each other experience authentic life in Jesus. We encourage singles to connect and form lasting friendships through Bible studies (listed in the Small group brochure (25+, 40+, 55+ groups) and social events each month. Bring a friend; newcomers are always welcome.

For the latest list of activities see


If you have any questions or would like to be connected with Lakeside Singles please call or email.


Phone: 519-836-8141 ext 231

55+ Club

The 55+ Club at Lakeside is open to all aged 55 and over. It reflects a wide range of ages, lifestyles and needs. The aim of the 55+ Club is to make friends, connect with people of similar interests and enjoy activities together.

Throughout the year, the 55+ Club has a program of meetings and other gatherings (both evening and daytime) to suit this age group. Events include fun evenings, movies, murder mysteries, games, dancing, etc. We would love you to join us.

For more information contact