The purpose of Lakeside International Missions is to promote the gospel of Jesus through partnerships with Christian organizations in developing sustainable projects that help to change communities around the globe.

We currently support three international projects.

AFRICA: Education for boys and girls

CUBA: Helping the poor and elderly

PERU: Christian teaching for future leaders

For more information about upcoming mission trips, please contact Cam Millar at cmillar@cdmsales.com


Lakeside has been working with Wachira and Glenda Ngamau for the past eight years, helping to build a new high school for PACE International. PACE is a boarding school for students from 18 different tribes in Africa and six different countries. Many of the students come from homes where they can’t afford education and are sponsored by people around the world. The school currently enrolls about 230 students from nursery school to high school. 



  • Light construction on the high school
  • Working with the students in various ways
  • Participation in the student church service


  • Participate in a seniors’ program at a local church where we will minister to them and provide a hot meal


  • Visit and provide a program for a nursery school in a poorer district of Nyahururu
  • Provide a meal to the students

COST: $3,500 / 12-14 days (includes a one-day safari)


Missionary Ventures Canada (MVC) has been working together with Jorge and Sandra Delgado for approximately 15 years. Throughout the years the emphasis has been on children’s ministry and supporting local pastors as well as building churches. Today, efforts are focused on finding ways to obtain greater levels of sustainability for the churches and ministries.

Life in Cuba is difficult, yet the church is growing. While the current economy is suffering, food is becoming scarce, and prices are increasing dramatically. The average wage in Cuba is $15USD/month. Seniors have a pension of $8 USD/month (if they have worked for the government, this may increase it a little).

The funding for and renovation of a sustainable nursery school for children ages 1-5 is almost half complete. The school will provide care for children along with spiritual and intellectual opportunities.



  • Nursery schools and/or seniors’ homes (please note these projects need to be approved by the government)
  • Heavy or light construction (depending on the progress of the project)


  • Evangelism, teaching


  • Home visits to encourage and personally minister to people


  • Children’s ministry/teaching/training
  • Development of small-scale projects to increase economic sustainability

COST: $2,000 / 7 days


For the past four years, Scott & Tracy Blackburn have been serving in Puerto Maldonado, providing care and love for children at risk. They work with the courts and government services, and provide a loving home for children who are abused, trafficked, neglected, or abandoned. Presently they are in a rented facility.

Recently, Scott and Tracy have purchased property to begin construction of a new facility that will be known as “Tat’s Place,” under the Peruvian charity, Allegros Sonida de Dios. In 2018 The Blackburn’s daughter, Tatiana was tragically killed in a car accident. Missionary Ventures Canada (MVC) immediately started a fund (Tat’s Kids Peru) to allow those who knew her to grieve but also to provide funding for their project and vision. 

There are plan to construct other buildings on the property. 



  • Care of the children
  • Heavy or light construction (depending on the progress of the project)
  • Gardening, room decoration, etc.


  • Interacting with children
  • Reading, singing
  • Outreach


  • Children’s ministry
  • Teaching/training
  • Possible hands-on projects

COST: $2,500 / 10-12 days 

For more information about any of these mission trips, please contact Cam Millar at cmillar@cdmsales.com


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