Lakeside Missions is focused on working globally and locally in partnership with local leaders and missionaries to help make a difference in the lives of people in our community and in third world countries.

For more information about upcoming mission trips, please contact Cam Millar at cmillar@cdmsales.com

Kenya, Africa

Lakeside has entered into a six year partnership with PACE Africa to build the Lakeside High School in Nyahururu Kenya. Nyahururu is a town of 40,000 people located about two hours north of the capital city Nairobi and is right on the equator. PACE Africa is a ministry that focuses on education and leadership development. The ministry is made up of a pre-school, grade school, high school and seminary and it trains and educates students from across the various countries in East Africa. It also houses a dental clinic and other health related facilities. The goal of PACE is to raise up educated Christian leaders who will return to their town and cities and have an influence in their places of origin. Not only do we provide funds to see this project to completion but each year a team will assist in the construction of the high school.

Wichira Ngamau is the leader of PACE. Nyahururu is his hometown and he has a passion for his town and for the people in East Africa. Wichira was formally educated in the United States and returned to Africa to begin the ministry of PACE. Wichira also pastors a local church and mentors a group of pastors in his area.

This partnership project will allow PACE to double the capacity of students it is able to educate at a high school level and will provide excellent facilities for the training of these students. It will allow the current facilities the high school is using to be turned into more classroom space for the grade school.

Central America & Haiti

Clean water. Approximately 800 million people still do not have access to clean drinking water in this world. The effects of contaminated drinking water affect communities in many different ways.

The hardest hit by the water crisis are the women and children of the community who often spend 20 hours per week collecting water. To collect the water women and children have to walk many miles, often in areas that are not physically safe for them to be in. Where access to clean water is lacking, poverty is usually quite prevalent. Families living in these areas of the world, in most cases, live on less than $1.00 per day.

Lakeside Church and the mission committee, in cooperation with Living Water International (LWI), are working on water projects in Haiti and Central America to drill wells to provide communities with a safe, local supply of clean drinking water, and to repair existing damaged and neglected pumps.

LWI is a US based organization which has completed 10,000+ water projects in 23 countries. LWI exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water and to experience “Living Water” – the gospel of Jesus Christ.

LWI also works with local governments and communities to establish community-based water solutions which start many months before a well drilling rig arrives in a community. The program helps to identify leaders in the community, which leads to the set up of a local water committee. This committee aids the community by teaching hygiene and sanitation, and to identify and solve problems relating to well use and maintenance. These programs allow women living in countries which normally do not value women in leadership rolls, to rise to the top and assume greater roles and responsibilities in the community. Empowering both men and women in the community to accept ownership of the well and the care of it, creates a viable life-changing clean well and a healthier community for them to live.

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