Spiritual Growth

At Lakeside, we desire to see people grow in their faith to a place where they are fully following Jesus.

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, we have people, tools and resources to help you along the way. One of the best places to begin is with the Spiritual Health Assessment and Spiritual Health Planner. This tool, designed by Steve Gladen and Todd Olthoff (and based on the book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren) is designed to measure your health at a particular point in time. It is not a tool to see how you measure up against other people; nor is it a tool to see how close you are to perfection. We all know we’ll never be perfect this side of heaven. Rather, this is a tool that will help you evaluate your spiritual health, and give you direction for developing a plan to bring God’s five purposes for your life into balance.

You can download the full package, or if you prefer to work in stages, start with the self assessment and move through the other sections as your schedule allows. Whether you’re just exploring your faith or you’ve been a Christian for decades, we hope this tool will help you discover more about yourself and the God who created and loves you!

Spiritual Health Assessment Full


  1. Intro and Self Assessment
  2. Worship
  3. Fellowship
  4. Discipleship
  5. Serving
  6. Outreach
  7. Friend Assessment