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Sharing the good news of Jesus with the world

We believe everyone can help change the world

Our vision for Lakeside is to help people discover and fully follow Jesus. All people. Not just people inside our building. Not just people in our own community. We believe everyone can experience the life-transforming message and love of Jesus. And we believe that everyone who calls themselves a follower of Jesus can share that good news. For some, there is a strong call to international missions work while others prefer the mission field closer to home. There are no shortage of opportunities to get involved and help change the world. We believe everyone has a part to play. Lakeside has an official partnership with Missionary Ventures Canada to support ongoing projects in three countries – Peru, Kenya, and Cuba. You can read more about those projects below. With current global conditions, mission trips are on hold, but our continued support is not. We also recognize and support work being done by many Lakesiders who are passionate about sharing the message of Jesus with others locally and globally. We’re all on mission and we celebrate that.

Thank you so much to you who pray for our family and community, who invest in our ministry through offerings. It is your prayers and offerings that help us maintain good health and help so many families in need who are also infinitely grateful to you and God for so much love and generosity.

Jorge & Sandra Delgado, Cuba

It is with a multitude of thanks from PACE Ministries to the Lakeside Church Family. You have helped us accomplish this. We have deep, deep gratitude toward you.

Dr. Dorris, Kenya

Thank you for keeping the Christian Center alive in the small remote town of Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Thank you for all those prayers you have been lifting up this year.

Missionary Teams in Peru

Other Mission Projects

We celebrate and support mission work being done by Lakesiders, both locally and globally. Click the logos below to learn more.
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