Monday Five

January 28, 2019

On Jan. 26, the Lakeside Partners met to hear a number of important updates. Lakeside has just over 400 partners, and if you’ve been a regular attender of the church, maybe it’s time to consider becoming a partner. The partnership process begins with a self-directed course called Discovering Lakeside, and you can find it here

The meeting was recorded, and a link will be made available soon for partners who were unable to attend, but here are five important things that were shared at the Partners’ Meeting.

Alongside our Vision Statement, “A Community Helping People Discover and Fully Follow Jesus” a re-worked set of Core Values has now been added and you’re going to hear these talked about a lot.

At Lakeside Church, everyone can:

  • Encounter God
    • It’s a relationship.
  • Move Forward
    • It’s a journey towards Jesus.
  • Experience Community
    • You don’t have to go it alone.
  • Serve Others
    • We all have unique gifts to share.
  • Change the World
    • The future of the church lies outside these walls.

In 2018, God blessed Lakeside once again with total income of $1,869,045. Expenditures were slightly lower, leaving the church a surplus of $6,318 on the year. For 2019, the church is conservatively budgeting income and expense at 93% of 2018 actual numbers, and if the Lord should bless us with another surplus we will have additional funds to work with.  

The conversation to sell our downtown building to HOPE House is progressing towards a partnership arrangement that will see HOPE House and Lakeside Church each owning a share of the building. It is our desire that over time HOPE House will become the 100% owner of the building. 

One of the reasons we will be staying in partnership in the downtown building is that we are totally committed to Lakeside Downtown. We see incredible potential for a thriving site of Lakeside Church in the downtown core, and we will do everything we can to help more people discover and fully follow Jesus in that location.

As our Lakeside Downtown pastor transitions into a new chapter in his life and ministry, we are working to develop a leadership model that will facilitate “one church, two locations.” This will guide the process of staffing Lakeside Downtown.

Jeff Groenewald
Senior Leader, Lakeside Church

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