Partners’ Meeting Recap

Last week, the partners of Lakeside Church held their Annual General Meeting (AGM), and I wanted to bring you an update from that meeting. For some of you, AGMs and partners are new things, so I’ll give some explanation.

Lakeside has 346 partners currently. Partners of Lakeside have completed the “Discovering Lakeside” course and have agreed with Lakeside’s vision, core values, statement of faith, and partner’s covenant. We encourage everyone who considers Lakeside their church home to become a partner. You can find out more about the process here.

Partners gather together to elect the elders of the church, consider and approve the financial statements of the church, and discuss other important matters as they arise.

So what happened at the Sept. 16, 2020 meeting?

  1. New bylaws were approved. Last updated in 2006, it was time for an update. The new bylaws clarify and strengthen the way Lakeside is governed, and the roles played by Elders, Partners, and Staff. You can view the new bylaw document here.
  2. 2019 financial statements were approved. Partners generally review the audited financial statements earlier in the year, but things were pushed back to due COVID. You can view the audited statements here.
  3. Elders-at-work. Coming into fall 2020, the Elders will begin focusing their second meeting each month on prayer. Individual concerns are prayed for, and the team spends time listening for the direction of the Spirit as they consider the future. If you have a concern you would like the Elders to pray for, consider sending them a message.
  4. MSAT. The Marriage and Sexuality Advisory Team will reconvene this fall (it had been in hiatus over the summer). This team, composed of elders, staff, and congregation members has read and consulted widely and is expected to make recommendations to the Elders team by the end of the year.
  5. Priorities. Entering the fall season, many of our programs and approaches have changed because of health restrictions. At the same time, I don’t want us to lose sight of the bigger picture and I shared four areas of focus for the church.
    1. Team. We are building staff and volunteer teams that will lead us into the future.
    2. Stable Operating. In a very challenging environment we are ensuring that our church operates sustainably.
    3. Spiritual Health. We are leading the church to rely on the Holy Spirit, to renew our worship culture, and to embrace prayer in every part of the ministry.
    4. Renewing Young Leaders and Families. Every generation is needed at for sure, but we place a strong emphasis on raising up young leaders at Lakeside.

Lakeside, my door is always open to answer any questions you may have.

I’ll see you next week as we continue our series, “Vaccine” with teaching pastor Marc Gagnon.

Jeff Groenewald
Executive Pastor, Lakeside Church

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