Kevin Lloyd

My wife, Mary and I are happy to make Lakeside our spiritual home, believing God led us here just over three years ago. We got involved right away and now co-lead a small group in Fergus and share leadership in GroupLink where we get to meet other people within the Lakeside family. We also use Mary’s gift of hospitality at the Newcomer’s Lunches.

God has blessed us with two independent children, Ryan and Katie. Both are seeking to use their gifts.

As Financial Controller I use my knowledge, experience and gifts from working in the financial sector for over 10 years. I have finished a Certificate Accounting Program with Humber College and graduated with honours. As well, I held a treasurer position at our previous church for almost a decade.

I invite you if you have any questions about the church finances and our process to talk with me. Together we can make Lakeside not only a strong place of worship, but one that uses our resources wisely to serve our God.