Marc Gagnon

If you told me that I would grow up to become a teaching pastor, I probably would have laughed. Years later (I’m not even sure if I count as a grown up), that is the title next to my name. I think the reason I struggled with this so much in the past is that I always saw this role as the “sage from the stage.” Thanks to great friends and mentors, I now understand that I get to be a “guide from the side”… on the journey with our community … asking and wrestling with the same challenges and questions. This, I love to do. Every week I get to invite our family on a journey … exploring Jesus, relationships, questions and how it plays into our humanity.

My greatest passion is to create environments where people who know Jesus, and people who don’t, all gather together to explore what it means to know and experience the power of Jesus in their life. Prior to coming to Lakeside I was the involved in church planting and also spent quite a few years working in youth drop-in center in Toronto, the city where I was born and raised.

I am married to Tryphena and we have two young children. Being a father means my hobbies include drinking coffee, folding laundry, and naps (in that order). When I have spare time, I love to put on my tool belt. It doesn’t really matter what I’m doing as long as people and power tools are involved. If you creep my Spotify account, you will find 90s hip hop, spontaneous worship songs that last 17 minutes, dancehall music, and country. None of that was a typo. Just thought you should know.