Robyn Elliott

Born in Barbados, sun, sand and warmth are in my bones. On any given day I’d rather be digging for sand dollars with my toes… just sayin’… BUT, Canada is now my home and I am grateful for it – it’s where I met my husband Steve, and we raised our three kids.

I grew up in a home where following Jesus is what we tried to do. As far back as I can remember I’ve been wrestling with Bible texts and faith and it’s still one of the things I’m most passionate about – What is the Bible REALLY saying about this or that? 

Following a Master of Divinity at Tyndale, majoring in Spiritual Formation and Missional Leadership, I had the honour of serving as a pastor in Kleinburg and Toronto. Getting to walk with people in spiritual direction and to encourage them in their gifting is a great thrill for me in ministry!    

Here at Lakeside it is a privilege to oversee our small groups and leadership development (and drink coffee). Come on by if you have interests in either of those areas or just want to chat… my door is open and I have chocolate! 🙂