Susan Kozinets

I am originally from Brockville, Ontario and came to Guelph for university when I met my husband Steve. We have been married 35 years and have one beautiful, daughter, Stacey, who loves to travel. After university, I worked for Bank of Montreal in commercial investments, then at Sussman’s clothing store as a buyer/manager.

I came to Lakeside in 2006, just to check it out and never left. It felt like home right from the moment I arrived in the parking lot when someone opened my door and said, “Welcome to Lakeside!” Shortly after that I started volunteering in the reception area and on connections, then joined the amazing Alpha Team. The more time I spent at Lakeside the more I loved it.

I feel so blessed to have been hired on as of Jan 2, 2018. My desire is to be a blessing to all who work and worship here.