Re-opening is coming July 26

You heard it announced yesterday – on July 26, 2020 Lakeside will open its doors once again for in-person services!!!!! After four months of online gatherings, working from home, and Zoom meetings, the excitement for re-opening is building. Personally, I can’t wait to see you – from a safe distance of course – and to worship together.

Services will re-open at Lakeside Central, Lakeside Downtown, and wait for it – on Sunday evenings by the Lakeside barn!

Over the course of the next two weeks, lots of information will be posted to get you ready to return to Lakeside. To start the ball rolling, here are five things you can expect:

  1. Safety. Screening upon arrival, liberal use of hand sanitizer, use of masks, defined paths to walk inside, spaced out seating with children sitting with their families, restricted number of users in the washrooms, will all make your experience at Lakeside safe.
  2. Worship without Singing? You’ve probably read that singing in indoor settings is an area of concern. As we re-open, our worship team on stage will lead you in worship, helping you to engage without singing. Sound impossible? Think of it as a new season of learning how to worship differently!
  3. Community. One of the things we’ve all missed is being together in community. We’re wired for person-to-person connection so get ready to see friends you haven’t seen in months, families that you’ve wondered about, and new people that you’ve never seen before at Lakeside (all while maintaining a safe distance, of course).
  4. Pre-registration. To ensure that we meet our building capacity requirements, we will open an online registration process for Sunday gatherings. Look for information to be posted soon on how you can register for July 26, whether at Central, Downtown, or worship nights at the barn.
  5. Online Services. As in-person services begin, online services will continue on both Facebook and the Lakeside website. If you attend at Central, you’ll see cameras in some new places to ensure that our online audience continues to have a great experience.

While it will be amazing to be back in community at our buildings, these last four months have given me a new perspective on the church. It’s not a building, it’s a whole new Kingdom – a whole new way of life. Can’t wait to see you and to continue the journey through our new series “Clash of Kings.”

Jeff Groenewald
Executive Pastor, Lakeside Church

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