Route 89

Life is a journey, and on this journey we face many crossroads, bumps, curves and obstacles that shape the way we travel.

What if we had a road map to life to help us navigate the best possible route?

Route 89 is a daily reading plan that will help you engage the road map for life – the Bible – and find direction and application from its pages. We’ll read through the New Testament, following the life of Jesus and those who followed closely after him. Over the next 89 days it will give you insight into your daily life as well as draw you closer to God.

There are two ways to engage.

1. You can use the bookmark to follow along in your Bible. You can download a copy here.
2. If you prefer a digital version, you can download the YouVersion Bible app and search for the plan, The Cell Rule of Optina, New Testament.


1. Plan. Make time in your daily schedule and put it in your calendar like an appointment.
2. Have the right tools. Read with a pen or highlighter to mark key verses and passages that stand out to you (or that you have questions about), or simply click on a verse to highlight it the app, if you’re working digitally.
3. Journal. Make note of things that stand out to you and meditate on how they can apply to your life.
4. Pray. Once you finish your daily reading, write or say a prayer asking God to guide you as you seek to apply what you’ve learned to your life.

We are excited for you to begin this journey and we know you will enjoy the road ahead.