You can make a difference!

Serving at Lakeside means you’re not just filling a position or meeting a need, but you’re saying YES to what God has in store for you.

You're saying YES to:

  • Growth

    In yourself and in others.

  • Investment

    In the church, in the next generation, in those who've never been to Lakeside, and in yourself.

  • Connection

    We're made to be in relationship with others.

No matter where you serve you’re part of a Lakeside team, helping to create meaningful worship experiences and opportunities for people to discover and fully follow Jesus.

Everyone can say YES to something! Pick a location and find something you can say YES to.

Choose a location:

Don't know where to begin?

Start by getting to know your Spiritual Gifts. Although you don’t have to serve in an area you’re gifted in, it can help guide you into a role you’re passionate about and give you insight into some of the areas God might be calling you to. Click the image on the right to take on online Spiritual Gifts survey and learn what your gifts are!