Lakeside Church

Refuge in the Midst of Chaos (Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022)

These questions are connected to the message, Refuge in the Midst of Chaos from Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022. You can watch here.


  1. What jumped out at you from this message? Was there something that challenged, inspired, or impacted you?
  2. Robyn mentioned two different creation stories. Was this new information for you? Read Genesis 1 and 2 again (maybe in a different translation than you’re used to). What do you notice that you didn’t notice before?
  3. Read Isaiah 65:17-20. This passage has often been explained as a picture of the future, of what heaven might look like. But what clues do you see that this passage may not actually be referring to heaven? 
  4. Tohu Wabohu means formless and void – chaos. What is the chaos in your world? In your home, life, relationships, or work? What might it look like if the Spirit of God was hovering over the Tohu Wabohu in your life, bringing light out of darkness?
  5. God has given us this place and he’s invited us to tend and cultivate it. What part can you play to make Lakeside an oasis?
  6. In Hebrew thinking, the term “very good” is about relationship and how it all comes together. In Greek thinking it was about the perfection of the object. One focuses on the relationship, one focuses on the item. How does knowing this determine how you apply value to both of those things?