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Series: Introducing Jesus

  • 9 May 2021

    Speaker: Marc Gagnon

    The bible is full of stories of God showing up in ways that challenge expectations. Stories where the poor, the disadvantaged, and the social outcasts are the people who are chosen to carry his message, challenging the social norms. In today’s message, Pastor Marc Gagnon leads us through Luke 2:1-20 and we see the good news of Jesus’ birth brought first to some of the lowest people in society.

  • 2 May 2021

    Speaker: Robyn Elliott

    The human soul cries out for justice. It seems built into the fibre of our being. Stories of injustice around the world grip us and we cry out for justice to be served. But our concept of justice is often reduced to mere punishment and retribution, falling short of God’s righteous ideal. As we dive into Luke 1:41-55 with Pastor Robyn Elliott, we’ll glimpse God’s grander vision for humanity and the invitation to be part of it today.

  • 25 April 2021

    Speaker: Marc Gagnon

    Do you have a plan for your life? For your business? Your career? A relationship? But what happens if life doesn’t turn out the way you think that it should? How will you respond when your plans get turned upside down? In this message, Pastor Marc Gagnon leads us through a passage in Luke as we look at the way Mary handled the news that her life was going to change forever. What can we learn from this story and what question do we need to ask ourselves every time life throws us a curveball?

  • 18 April 2021

    Speaker: Marc Gagnon

    Have you given up on God moving in an area of your life? Perhaps you’ve prayed for years for friendship to be restored. Maybe it’s a dream business you’ve been struggling to get started. Is there a family member you have prayed would be healed of an illness, but the years keep passing with no improvement and you’ve started to wonder if God even cares. Maybe you’ve stopped praying for it all together. This week, Pastor Marc Gagnon will lead us through the next section of the book of Luke as we take a look at Zechariah and Elizabeth and the supernatural intervention God made in their life after all hope seemed lost.

  • 11 April 2021

    Speaker: Marc Gagnon

    How do you learn more about someone? Usually, the best way to do that is to spend time with them. As Christians, we believe that not only can we spend time listening to Jesus now, we can also learn about Him by spending time in the account of His life on Earth. As Pastor Marc Gagnon introduces our new series looking at the book of Luke, we will be spending time in the story of Jesus; through the words of Luke. In this message, we will look at who Luke was, who he was writing to, and how God can use even an introduction to speak directly to us today.

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