Lakeside Church


January 22, 2023

Series: Just Jesus

If you’ve ever thought of Jesus as gentle, meek, and mild, you may be shocked at how he throws it down with a bunch of religious people and exposes their true values. In today’s teaching, Jesus challenges what these religious elites claim they value and calls out how their meticulous rule-following is a cover-up for their moral bankruptcy. If you thought following Jesus is mostly about following rules, colouring inside the lines, and obedience, stay tuned as Pastor Robyn Elliott teaches on a text that actually says, following the rules is too easy and misses the point.


  • The Call to Conversion, Jim Wallis
  • God and Money: The Moral Challenges of Capitalism, Charles McDaniel
  • Christianity Incorporated, Michael Budde and Robert Brimlow
  • The Consuming Passion: Christianity and the Consuming Culture, Rodney Clapp, Ed.

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