One of the key components of who we are as a church community at Lakeside is the whole area of serving. We have a core value that states, “God’s design for effective and rewarding service is in a team environment, unified around our mission, led by spiritually mature, trained and gifted leaders, and where every person discovers and uses his or her spiritual gifts and passions in at least one area of service.”

It is our desire that serving be more than some kind of obligation to be fulfilled because you have been motivated by guilt to get into the game. Instead, we want it to be a meaningful experience. To make sure that happens, we want you to serve in areas according to the way that God has wired you. We want the place of service to align with your spiritual gifts and temperaments, areas of passion, and season of life. When this alignment happens, that is when service is both meaningful and rewarding.

One of the key byproducts of serving is the community aspect of it. At Lakeside we don’t want you serving alone. Instead, we want you to serve as part of a team, where you will get to know others at Lakeside better, and feel more connected to the church community. Feel free to check out some of our serving opportunities or get connected on The City.

For more information, please watch this short video about serving at Lakeside.