Lakeside Church

Sunday, April 2, 2023 (Someone Who Gets Our Pain)

These questions are connected to the message, Someone Who Gets Our Pain, from Sunday, April 2, 2023. You can watch it here.

  1. If you had to describe Jesus to someone whose only connection to God was a stained glass window or a renaissance painting, how would you more accurately represent him?
  2. Has there been a time in your life when you’ve suffered in silence? How did it feel? Did the knowledge that Jesus understands your pain give you comfort? Or was it hard to connect with that idea?
  3. Has your life been significantly altered because of the actions of someone else? How did their choice impact you?  How did that impact your faith and understanding of God? Did it ‘rock your world’ or did you have a theology that helped you navigate?
  4. Where in our lives or culture have we, even inadvertently, categorized, labeled, othered, or stereotyped people that has then impacted our actions, treatment, and views of them?
  5. Why do you think the torture and death of Jesus is worth reflecting on?

BONUS: The Stanford Prison Experiment was conducted in 1971 with 24 students at Stanford University. It was intended to measure the effect of role-playing, labeling, and social expectations on behaviour over a period of two weeks. You can read about the shocking results here, or watch a short trailer of the movie made about it here. (*Trailer not appropriate for children*)