Lakeside Church

Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023 (A Season to Flourish)

These questions are connected to the message, A Season to Flourish from Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023. You can watch it here.

  1. Marc said, “We are ritual beings; we participate in ritual, even when we don’t realize we’re doing it.” What rituals do you have in your life, inside and outside of the church? What do they add to the quality of your life?
  2. Lent is an opportunity to prepare for Easter, but not a requirement. What does Lent mean to you? After hearing this message, how might engaging with the tradition of Lent enhance your spiritual journey?
  3. Explore the gap between behaving and conforming to being made new. What has been the emphasis in your experience of faith?
  4. Where are the areas we feel undeserving in our lives and how does this message impact those feelings or thoughts?
  5. How do we use Lent to intentionally reorient ourselves to a life focused on enjoying the gift of grace?
  6. Do you think of the word “flourishing” when you look at your life? If so, how did you get to that place? If not, what can you do in the next 40 days to work toward flourishing? Of the suggestions Marc made, which one will you apply to your life during this season?