Lakeside Church

May 14, 2023 | Victim or Villain?

These questions are connected to the message, Victim or Villain, from Sunday, May 14, 2023. You can watch it here.

  1. Do you feel as though you encountered God at some point during this message? If so, share or journal about what you heard. If not, what do you think got in the way?
  2. What is your experience reading the Bible? Do you sit and soak in the text? Do you dig deep into the meaning behind the words? If this isn’t your normal practice, what could it look like for you to just sit with a portion of scripture today? Download the document below, pick one of the passages, and go through it with your group (or by yourself).
  3. How and for what have you been judged in your life? Where have you felt the stigma of judgment for your appearance, your beliefs, or even your personality, who you are at the very core of your being? 
  4. Put yourself in the story as Zacchaeus. What do you see? How are you feeling? What happens as you climb that tree? And when Jesus calls your name and calls you down from the tree … what does that do to your soul? How does that change your identity?
  5. Jesus calls us BELOVED. The dictionary defines it as “someone who is greatly loved.” How does it feel to know you are greatly loved? Extend that name to those in your group (if you are meeting with a group). How does it feel to be called beloved by others? Will you accept that name?
  6. Think about the people in your life and the places you spend time. Where do you feel seen for who you really are?
  7. Robyn walked through a method for reading a passage of scripture. What steps were new to you? What do you already do that’s helpful? What might you adopt the next time you sit down with your Bible?