This is so important – for them, of course

So, there I was at Lakeside yesterday. Our teaching pastor, Marc Gagnon must have had an extra jolt in his morning coffee, because he had it going on. Really. I know you’ve heard me encourage you to “go back and listen” but seriously, go back and listen.

Marc was talking about Jesus’ famous words, “take the log out of your own eye before removing the speck from someone else’s.” I found myself hoping so-and-so was listening to this message. In fact, I thought about several so-and-so’s. I thought about meetings I have coming up and how I might remind people in those meetings to review the message, because it was so important (for them, of course).

This is so good for our church” was my thought. So good because people that disagree (with me, or just in general) will be challenged to reflect on the log in their own eye.

It wasn’t until discussion this morning with my wife (yes, you all know her) that it hit me.


Lakesiders, I offer five personal reflections for your consideration.

  1. How ironic is it that when asked by Jesus to stop looking at the speck in someone else’s eye, that I would conclude that this message was important for others to stop looking at the speck in my eye? How quickly did I jump to my own sense of “being right” rather than to reflect, or as Marc Gagnon called it “LOOK IN”?
  2. Trying to convince others of the rightness of my position is exhausting and frustrating. I’m pretty sure I need to redirect my limited energy in some other places.
  3. My Next Meeting. I tend to think most of my ideas are good. It hurts just saying that out loud, by the way. I’ll also admit, that can lead to me approaching meetings as a competition of ideas, and that’s not healthy. It’s time for my approach to meetings to start changing.
  4. It was humility – literally the idea of “getting low” – that Jesus and his followers led with that was as radically counter-cultural then as it is today. Less about me, more about Him, or as Paul the apostle said, “Each of you should look… to the interests of others.” – Philippians 2:4
  5. I wonder what would happen in our church if we took this seriously? Would we break the paradigm of right/wrong, in/out, black/white and instead recognize the beauty of diversity God has created and the opportunity to truly be a witness for all people and to all people?

Lakesiders, if you’ve read my message today and thought to yourself, “I’m glad Jeff finally saw the log in his own eye”, there’s a meeting of “LOG REMOVERS ANONYMOUS” coming up. I’ll see you there!

Jeff Groenewald
Executive Pastor, Lakeside Church

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