This Sign Shocked Me

I was out driving yesterday and I passed by a church with a sign that read, “God is staying home too.”

If that were true, we might imagine God saying, “I know things are quite dangerous on planet earth these days. Your medical community hasn’t yet come up with a vaccine, so I’d better stay right here in heaven where everything is perfect all the time. I wouldn’t want to get COVID-19 or pass it on to anyone else. Please let me know when it is safe for me to come out.”

Crazy, right? Human efforts to domesticate God, that is, to make God more understandable, more relatable, more like us, have been around forever.

Friends, God isn’t staying home. The One we call Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Word of God, is living and active and absolutely unrestrained in any way.

Don’t you love that? I could talk for hours about this, but let’s focus in on the unrestricted, unhindered, uninterrupted work of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Teaching and Reminding. A few weeks ago in our Sunday gathering we talked about being in “soul school.” Have you had the sense that you’re learning, or maybe re-learning things during this time of isolation? Embrace the teaching work of the Holy Spirit in you.
  2. Convicting. Has there been anything you’ve felt you need to let go of? Are you wearing any heavy, wet clothes that are slowing you down? Embrace the Holy Spirit’s convicting work in your life.
  3. Guiding. Have you ever experienced letting go of a lie that you’ve believed, and welcoming a new truth in its place? The Holy Spirit, the One who is with us and lives in us guides us into all truth. Embrace your on-board Guide!
  4. Making Known. Management best practices promote the idea that a good organization is one that is continually learning. The Scriptures convey that the Holy Spirit in effect lets us in on a heavenly conversation. That we get to hear what the Holy Spirit hears. When we follow Jesus, we never “arrive.” Embrace the Holy Spirit’s continuous work of revelation in your life.
  5. Gifting. The Apostle Paul used the phrase, “the manifestation of the Spirit” to describe the one-of-a-kind way that each of us are given gifts and Paul says those gifts are given “for the common good.” Embrace the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in your life through the gifts He has given you, and use your imagination to figure out what “the common good” is for you.

If the work of the Holy Spirit is new to you, or you’d like to understand more, here are a few sections of the Scriptures you might consider reading: John 14 and 16, 1 Corinthians 12 and 14, and the entire book of Acts, but particularly chapters 2, 10, and 13-16. You could also go back and listen to our sermon series “Gifted.”

And speaking of gifting, on behalf of the Lakeside Elders, congratulations to Damon Davis, who has been affirmed by the Lakeside Partners as a new member of the Elders team at Lakeside. The Holy Spirit has distributed some unique gifts into Damon’s life and we look forward to seeing how God will work through him over these next four years.

Jeff Groenewald
Executive Pastor, Lakeside Church

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