Worship Music Team, Lakeside Central

Do you love to worship?

Here at Lakeside we place a high value on musical worship, understanding its value, power and importance in the lives of believers.

“When we worship Jesus, we declare His kingdom and announce His presence. When we worship, we come by grace through faith, bringing the voice of our hearts before heaven. When we worship, we dispel darkness and take authority over principalities and powers. When we worship we exalt Christ and His dominion over every situation and circumstance. When we worship, demons tremble and angels join in. When we worship, kingdom dominion is established in our lives. So, why do we worship? Because He is worthy. Period. Simply put, worship changes everything” – Darlene Zschech, Worship Changes Everything (pg. 10,11,19)

We are seeking people for all positions on our Worship Music Team for Sunday mornings.

Most Needed Presently:

  • Drummer
  • Worship Leader
  • Pianist
  • Keyboardist
  • Electric Guitarist
  • Bassist

Needed, but not as urgently:

  • Acoustic Guitarist
  • Vocalists – Male and Female
  • Other Instrumentalists – If you play a less common instrument like a saxophone, violin or cello, we want to connect with you as well.

Auditions required for all positions. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings from 7-9:30. Serving commitment and frequency is based on person’s availability, but is approximately twice per month.

Contact Marc Gagnon at mgagnon@lakesidechurch.ca for more information.