Lakeside Church

Luke 5:12-16

These questions are connected to the message, “Finding the Wilderness in the City” from Sunday, July 4, 2021. You can watch it here.
Dive In:
Read or listen to this passage (Luke 5:12-16) in an unfamiliar translation of the Bible (e.g. New Living Translation or The Message). What did this passage teach you about Jesus? What stood out that was unexpected?
  1. What piqued your curiosity, challenged you, encouraged you, motivated you from the sermon?
  2. How much time do you spend in silence and solitude?
  3. If you’d like to spend more time in solitude, how will you make that happen? What small step can you take this week to introduce silence into your life or take advantage of moments of silence that are already there? Share with a friend or your small group.
  4. Pastor and author, John Mark Comer has said, “The wilderness isn’t a place of weakness, but a place of strength.” What does this mean to you?
  5. Take a moment now to just sit in the presence of God. Don’t look at your phone, don’t run down your to-do list; just be still. How does this make you feel?

Deeper Dive:
Read one (or all) of these books.