Lakeside Church

October 1, 2023 / How to Hear God’s Voice: Desires

These questions are connected to the message, How to Hear God’s Voice: Desires, from Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023. You can watch it here.

  1. When you think of the words, ‘desire,’ and ‘pleasure,’ do you think of God? How do you reconcile what you may have been taught growing up about pleasurable experiences and desires versus what you heard in this message?
  2. We can’t see, smell, touch, taste, and experience this world and not know that we are created for pleasure. What are the things that delight your senses? What brings you joy?
  3. Robyn shared the story of a man, in John 5, who could not walk and laid beside a pool for almost four decades. What is your “pool of Bethesda?” What are you longing for? What deep desire do you have that is currently unmet?
  4. Robyn said, “the goal of morality is ecstasy.” Do you agree with this? Discuss with your group or journal through your thoughts about this.
  5. Pick one thing you’re yearning for in your life. Is it manifesting in harmful ways? Or has it become an idol or an obsession in your life? Choose one of the ways Robyn suggested using your desires to hear from God and add it into your week as a spiritual practice.
  6. Reflect on your desires, both the ones that are met and unmet. What might God be wanting to say to you through them? Invite God to speak into your desires.

Download a printable copy here.